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Stunt Guy 2

Why did Reg The Roadkill cross the road?

Who knows… but he’s willing to risk his life for it.

We were so impressed by his adventures in Stunt Guy – The Getaway 2.0, we decided to give Reg his own game!

Get Reg to the other side of the road in this furious screen tapping action game. Avoid cars, trucks, stunt drivers and lawnmowers. The odds may be against you and you only have tiny little legs, but if you try hard enough you might just squeak through!

Featuring new character “Lost Lawnmower Guy”, special cameos from the Magnificent Stunts and more squirrel guts than any game we’ve made before!

Available Now on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch*

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*iPhone 4S, iPad 2/Mini or iPod touch (5th gen) or later recommended.


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