Gail Stunt – AKA “Stunt Gal”

Stunt Gal - Front Page Stunt Gal iconGail is the Star of mobile game “Stunt Gal” which is available now on iOS and may come to other platforms in future. The game is currently super-cheap so you should Get Stunt Gal on the App Store (iPhone/iPad) now! She also appears alongside Stunt Guy in Stunt Guy 2.0 and we’ve recently completed a comic which details the first part of her origin story.

Her Biography

Little is known of Gail’s life on her home planet, although her active involvement in inter-planetary exploration is evident in the circumstances of her arrival on Earth in 1908. Having landed her spaceship discreetly in a quiet part of the Siberian countryside (a few miles west of the Tunguska river), Gail set about collecting samples of local Russian artefacts and objects of scientific interest.

Stunt Gal

However, disaster struck the accident-prone alien when, upon take-off, one of her engines backfired. The resulting explosion flattened a 2,000km radius of forest and flung the astonished Gail some further 500m from the epicentre of the blast.

Fortunately for the injured and unconscious Gail, upon landing she fell through the cabin roof of an American explorer called Jay R. Spewing. Discovering Gail was still alive, the affable American, also a skilled medic, was able to oversee Gail’s recovery personally. However, having no idea what Gail’s species should look like, he set about her care using a photo of his childhood sweetheart as reference.

Jay R. Spewing

As a result, Gail was understandably astonished when she woke up some weeks later and removed her bandages to find her face was upside down, several arms were missing and her flibbertigibbets were gone! However, it soon became clear that her new appearance was most becoming to her new Earthling companion. So, without any means of rebuilding her ship or contacting home, Gail opted to remain with Jay R after her recovery, following him across the globe as his traveling companion.

Stunt Gal and Jay R. Spewing

Whilst likeable and seemingly indestructible on account of her alien lineage, it soon became apparent that Gail was quite disaster-prone. After some years of traveling the world (and managing the family oil empire on the hoof), Jay R. Spewing decided that he was just too old to keep up with Gail’s calamitous antics anymore. Hence, they returned to his family mansion in Texas, where Jay R suggested that Gail harness her talent for destruction by joining the rodeo.

Gail took him at his word and spent the next two years traveling around the state, participating in rodeos under the stage-name ‘Howlin’ Gail!’: getting trampled on, thrown in the air, charged at, shot at and generally indulging in controlled country-style mayhem. With her extraordinary longevity and impervious nature, Gail proved a big hit with the audiences.

The Stunts: Birth of a Legend

It wasn’t long before she was being booked for shows further afield including, in 1932, a high-profile knife-throwing show in Cincinnati. However, to Gail’s disgust, she found upon arrival that she had been double-booked for the evening with rough British sideshow act Guy Stunt, A.K.A Stunt Guy. Unable to persuade the establishment to re-organise the event, Howlin’ Gail and the Stunt Guy decided to settle the argument like professionals: by strapping themselves to the turntables and using their free hands to hurl knives at each other until one of them cracked… or threw up; whichever came first.

Stunt Gal and Stunt Guy

Unfortunately, even after 40 solid minutes of knife-hurling, the exercise revealed no clear winner. However, it did draw the biggest crowd in the show’s history, including the Hollywood producer and talent scout Jim Dangerass, who loved the act so much, he offered both participants a place on his new ‘talkie’ as the stunt team. Despite their palpable distaste for one another, Howlin’ Gail and Stunt Guy did agree that they could both do with the money. And so began one of the longest and most legendary stunt partnerships in movie history.


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